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VFRnav flight navigation app

VFRnav is a popular VFR moving map flight navigation software for Android and iOS (Electronic Flight Bag / EFB). The design goal is a simple-to-use EFB app with all essential functions, a clear and intuitive user interface, and good performance even on older devices. The product is continuously improved through feedback from active pilots.

The new version 3 has the following great features:

  • regularly updated Open Flight Maps airport and airspace data. Integrated database with over 4500 European waypoints
  • Detailed airport data: runway, frequencies, refueling etc.
  • Detailed and clear airspace representations, including traffic circuits where available
  • Real-time weather and NOTAM information for airports and trips - when online
  • Fully offline flight mode
  • Flight plan management including flight time and fuel calculation using stored parameters of individual aircraft
  • Integrated logbook with automatic take-off and landing detection, HTML and XLSX export and import
  • Integrated track recording and display function with KML / GPX export
  • Airspace warnings (beta status)
  • Interfacing with a large range of Electronic Conspicuity Devices for display of ADS-B and FLARM targets on moving map
  • Interfacing with flight simulators such as X-Plane 11.x. Fly your “real life” aircraft with our professional EFB moving map to maintain your proficiency in spells of bad weather, or to prepare your next flight to a new destination
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